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Your car’s radiator is responsible for keeping the engine at a safe temperature. As a result, a failing unit may compromise the way your motor handles internal and external sources of heat. Understanding some of the signs of a failing radiator will help you know when to take your vehicle to an auto shop for repairs.

To help you protect your car from overheating, here are a few of the indicators that your radiator may be damaged. If you happen to get stranded and you need access to a cheap tow in Seattle, call us at 206-752-3832

Purpose of the Car Radiator

Car parts are not something to be changed frequently. But sometimes a part here and there might need changing over time. This can happen even after you keep your car well maintained and in good shape. Some parts are just not meant to go on for many years or even months.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the cooling system in your vehicle. The combustion that happens in the engine is hot–hot enough to melt and warp the metal of the engine. That’s where the cooling system comes in.

The coolant absorbs the excess heat from the engine and moves to the radiator, where it is cooled down before circulating through the engine again.


Heater is Malfunctioning

Did you know that the heater in the passenger area of most automobiles is directly related to the car’s cooling system? When you turn on the heater, if there is hot coolant running through the heater core, and gets blown into the passenger area by the car fans.

If the heater is not working properly, it could be a sign that there is not enough hot coolant. The hot air could be due to a different issue, but it’s best to get the coolant system, starting with a potential radiator repair checked out.

Coolant Leaks

Coolant is the fluid that runs through your radiator and draws the heat out of the air. A leak can cause the engine to overheat, so it requires emergency repairs or replacement at an auto shop.

You may have this problem if you spot pools of red or green liquid on the ground underneath your car or your dashboard frequently warns you about low coolant levels. The liquid is toxic, but sweet tasting, so keep kids and pets away from any puddles. Overheating is one of the most common reasons Seattle towing companies are called for their services.

Heater is Malfunctioning 1 (1)

Consistently High Temperatures

A sign of a seriously damaged radiator will not cool the engine as designed. As a result, you’ll find that your malfunctioning radiator is not controlling your motor’s temperature and allowing the motor to regularly reach dangerously high levels. If the gauge in your dashboard frequently moves into the red section, this is a radiator repair that could damage your engine and surrounding components.

Collapsed Radiator Hose

The main radiator hose has a duty to transport an antifreeze and water mixture to and from the radiator. There is an upper and a lower section of a car radiator. If either of these portions of your radiator hose is visibly collapsed or cracked, it could be a symptom of a failing radiator. It could also be your hose that’s damaged. Your mobile mechanic will determine the issue and handle the repair.

Noticeable Signs of Radiator Discoloration or Possible Rust

If you find that your radiator has a new leak in the radiator or possibly a hose connected to the cooling system has disconnected and it will likely cause fluid to squirt out and land on hot engine parts. The fluid will quickly bubble off and leave spots of discoloration which will begin to rust.

Collapsed Hose

Don’t Delay on a Radiator Repair

If you run into any overheating issues, you need to quickly make an appointment with a mechanic right away. An overheating radiator is one of the leading causes for the roadside assistance Seattle car owners need from time to time.

As a matter of fact, a simple sign of radiator trouble can often be attributed to something as small as a hole in a connected rubber hose and may not be expensive to fix at all. If you need a Seattle tow to a mechanic in your area, call towing near me at 206 Towing, we can have the tow truck Seattle residents trust to you right away!

Conclusion of Signs You Need a Radiator Repair

In summary, your vehicle’s radiator is a critical component, and ignoring signs of damage can lead to serious engine issues. At 206towing, we offer reliable radiator repair services in Seattle to ensure your engine stays cool and healthy. Don’t delay – contact us for prompt assistance and keep your ride running smoothly. I hope you find Signs You Need a Radiator Repair an informative topic.