In Seattle, long distance towing rates were amazingly expensive. Before the government stepped in, long distance towing rates were not capped. Fortunately, now, towing rates can be kept substantially lower than in the mid-2000’s. If you need a cheap towing Seattle area service to come to help you in your time of need, call us at 206-752-3832.

long distance towing rates

Need an Affordable Long Distance Tow?

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A Seattle area long distance towing cost should be anywhere between $60-$145 for a 12 mile tow. There are some quick and cheap towing companies, such as 206 Towing that charge a flat rate tow of an $80 hook up fee with a fee of $2.50 to $4.50 per mile. Generally in Seattle, a 40 mile long distance tow will cost $275.25 max. Long gone are the days of the $800 2 mile tow!


If You Need a Long Distance Tow

If you are in need of a long distance tow, just perform a brief search online for long distance towing services near me. It is easy to find the best towing service Seattle has to offer its residents. Or call the team at 206 Towing at 206-752-3832, we can keep long distance car towing costs low.

Conclusion of Long Distance Towing Rates

In Seattle, long-distance towing rates have undergone a positive transformation. Once unregulated and exorbitantly expensive, government intervention has now ensured reasonable pricing. Today, you can expect a Seattle long-distance towing cost to range from $60 to $145 for a 12-mile tow. Companies like 206 Towing offer affordable flat-rate options, with an $80 hook-up fee and $2.50 to $4.50 per mile. In the city, a 40-mile long-distance tow should cost no more than $275.25. Farewell to the days of sky-high $800 2-mile tows! For an economical and reliable long-distance tow, search online for local services or contact us at 206 Towing at 206-752-3832.