Long Distance Towing

If you have been involved in a car accident, or you need to safely transport your vehicle for a long distance, there is a benefit to using a long distance towing service. While normal towing can sometimes cause wear and tear to a vehicle while heading to your destination. Often, using a long distance tow truck service with a flatbed truck is often a more versatile option that ensures your car arrives where it needs to be with minimal damage. If you are ready to get a long distance tow truck service, call us at 206-752-3832.

Long Distance Towing Services are Safe

Generally speaking, long distance tow trucks are also used as flatbed tow trucks. With a flatbed tow truck, your vehicle is elevated, the wheels are off the road, and also, any rough weather or accidents will affect it more than if it were safely elevated, covered, and secured on a flatbed.

Do You Need a Long Distance Tow Truck Service?

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Save a Transmission with a Long Distance Tow

Using a long distance tow truck places your vehicle on a flatbed where the vehicle remains stationary. Long distance towing is better for your transmission than utilizing traditional towing services. With a normal tow truck, your vehicle’s wheels will be rotating the entire ride which leads to your transmission taking on additional wear and tear.

Long Distance Towing is Versatile

With long-distance towing, a flatbed truck can transport larger vehicles such as SUVs or trucks, and can even load the car in from different directions depending on what’s safest. There are many long distance towing companies with experience, though we recommend that you utilize us!

Do You Need a Long Distance Tow Truck Service?

Hopefully, you won’t need a long distance tow truck in the near future. However, in case you need a long distance tow truck service, call the team at 206 Towing or search online for “long distance towing services near me”, and we should be right there. Call us at 206-752-3832!