When driving in inclement weather, you may become stuck and unable to get out. Whenever the wheels of your vehicle are buried in mud, snow, sand, or ice, a tow truck service will be required. Vehicles not capable of driving themselves out or vehicles more than a few feet from paved road should be towed. Give our Seattle towing company a call as soon as possible to arrange a winch out. 


A Towing Guide to Winching

What is Winching

A tow truck has a sturdy cable television that’s attached to the truck on one end with a hook on the other end. They’ll connect the cable television to your automobile with the hook in a safe area that won’t harm your vehicle– or that will restrict damage as much as possible. They’ll then pull the cable television up towards the truck using an effective motor. This will pull your automobile out of where it’s stuck onto the paved, flat surface area that the truck is parked on. You can drive it away if your automobile is in great condition. Otherwise, they can tow the vehicle to a car buy service.

If your vehicle is in a place or position that it can’t be winched out, then you’ll require a recovery. This is more involved and will cost more. For example, you’ll require a recovery if you got your automobile stuck someplace far from a paved surface, or if the car has flipped and requires to be overturned prior to it can be winched.


What to Tell the Towing Company

Have some info ready when hiring this service. You’ll have to tell them where you are stuck. Provide directions to the nearest crosstree or other landmark. If you are stuck on the road, they’ll want to know how far away you are from a paved surface. Provide them with the number of tires and which ones are on the ground. Also, tell them if additional services will be required after the winch-out, such as towing.

They’ll connect the cable to your car with the hook in a safe area that will not damage your vehicle– or that will limit damage as much as possible. Otherwise, they can tow the vehicle to a vehicle shop for service. So just search for car tow service near me and 206 Towing is on the way!